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“Craig puts on a hell of a great show. You can see much of his show on his website but it isn’t until you experience it live and hear the gasps and applause from the audience that you get a true appreciation for the great showman he is. The audience loved it - even as they were shaking their heads in disbelief. What was even more fun was hearing the buzz in the lobby after the performance, which received a spontaneous standing ovation. Everyone was equally in awe and amazed - from doctors, to lawyers, to college presidents, to CEO’s, to Chamber executives. That alone was an amazing thing to watch. Craig’s show is great for a Benefit - for your Mainstage season - for your Family Series, as the kids in the audience really loved the show - for any occasion. For an evening of great fun, for the entire family, and one that will leave your audience baffled - this is the show for you.”
John W. Ellis, Managing Director, Diana Wortham Theatre at Pack Place (NC)

“Craig Karges is known for his combination of the art of magic and the power of intuition to create one of the most interesting and impressive shows on stage.”
FOX 25 WFXT-TV Boston

“It is nearly a week since you stunned audiences here in Pittsfield with your astounding performance. To describe the performance as anything less than ASTOUNDING would be a gross understatement. I am still getting calls from audience members who are talking about your presentation. Beyond your amazing feats, everyone here was impressed by your wonderful stage presence, smooth delivery, and the never-failing entertainment quality of your work. People simply enjoyed watching everything you did and were genuinely disappointed that the show could not continue into the night. The theater staff here has had hundreds of experiences hosting visiting performers but none of us can remember anyone with whom we have so thoroughly enjoyed working. Mr. Karges, you are a gentleman in every way. We feel fortunate to have met you and to have had the opportunity to present you to our friends and neighbors. We will enthusiastically look forward to the opportunity to do so again.”
David W. Fleming, Executive Director, The Colonial Theatre (MA)

“What a show and what an experience for our audience of more than 700 which exceeded our single ticket sales goal! We particularly liked the way you involved so many members of our audience by making them an active part of the show. You never missed a beat providing humor, illusion and intrigue. During intermission and after the show the lobby was abuzz with - How did he do it, was he reading my mind? I am totally freaked out! I loved it and the energy was so exciting! You are truly a unique entertainer and we are thrilled that Dayton had the opportunity to experience Craig Karges! If presenters are looking for a unique show for their audiences, this is the one to book!”
Michael R. Roediger, VP Development, Victoria Theatre Association (OH)

“One of the compelling things about Karges is the subdued simplicity in which he creates his magic and the straightforward manner in which he makes his predictions. There are no massive props, pyrotechnics or bombastic music to distract the audience. There is only Karges peering into the shadows of the human psyche, seeing what most of us cannot.”
J.T. Ryder, Dayton City Paper (OH)

“What a fabulous way to start our 35th Anniversary Season… having our minds blown by the incredible Craig Karges! You truly are amazing, Craig, and the audience was completely enthralled by your performance. It was entertaining, engaging, interesting, fun and I know I already said it but I’ll say it again… mind-blowing! You were such a pleasure to work with too, which makes it even better!”
Leigh Woodham, Theatre Director, Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center (FL)

“On behalf of the entire Washington Pavilion team, I thank you for your superior work here at the Washington Pavilion. From our initial conversation to the very end of our collaboration, I could not have been more pleased and impressed. The show was an effort on our part to utilize our Belbas Theater and entice Sioux Falls residents to try something new. From their extremely happy faces to the positive comments of everyone in attendance, we’ve declared our effort a huge success. We have your superb performance to thank for this success. If I had a conversation with a performing arts center seeking reference for your work, I’d be honored to say that ... in every way, I am extremely pleased to have hired Craig Karges and look forward to working with him again. Knowing our patrons had an unforgettable night of enlivening entertainment is something we cherish. In working with Craig, you will not be disappointed.”
Gary Wood, President & CEO, Washington Pavilion (SD)

“Fantastic, unbelievable, amazing, incredible and of course extraordinary. I was never so impressed as I was with your amazing performance. Your show catered to all ages, young and old, and it was clean. Thank you! It’s now been months since your incredible show and I am still getting feedback on your performance. People constantly are asking me when you will be back.”
John Raymond, CEO, Encore Promotions (MT)

“My job, as Chair of the Performing Arts Committee, is to present a variety of shows at the Festival of high quality that will serve an audience from young people to senior citizens. Your show did exactly that!
I have had so many positive comments from people of all ages. Not only was the show a great success,
it was a pleasure to present. Easy to book, easy to put on. A presenter’s dream! Thanks so much for making me a success.”
I.B. Dent, Chair Performing Arts Committee, Virginia Highlands Festival

“An amazing performer who converts your mind into his own personal playground.”
John Le, WLOS-TV 13, ABC, Asheville, NC

“A consummate entertainer ... He likes to call himself an ‘extraordinist’ - someone who demonstrates extraordinary phenomena like floating tables, metal bending and mind reading - and shows you just how amazing life can be if you’re willing to trust your intuition. Part of the draw is simply the chance to see something you think is impossible. The world is full of wonder, and Karges likes to remind people it isn’t out there to be found - it’s within all of us.”
Michael Beadle, Smoky Mountain News (NC)

“Think of a number from one to 10. If you picked 10, you’ve correctly guessed the rating for Craig Karges’ remarkable act at Casino Windsor. His act is likely to dumbfound even the most strident skeptic.”
Ted Shaw, Windsor Star, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“What a wonderful experience... the Craig Karges experience offered something for everyone - young and old. The audience literally became a part of the show making it a sure crowd pleaser.”
Paul Lormand, Director, The Sequoyah Institute (OK)

“A master showman. Those who crave a touch of magic in a technological world had their wishes granted when Craig Karges commanded the stage last Saturday evening. There was never a dull moment as the self-styled ‘extraordinist’ apparently read minds, linked rings belonging to members of his audience (and) sent a table whizzing around the stage. How does he do what he does? A careful observer could find no clue. However he does it, he is a masterful entertainer and the Arts Council should be complimented on its excellent choice.”
Janet M. Douglas, Oneida Daily Dispatch (NY)

“Mind bending master of illusion who walks the tightrope between normal and paranormal.”
Sonoma County Independent (CA)

“Fabulous ... Truly intriguing, entertaining and a highlight of our season. Indeed, several members of the audience came up to me after the show and told me it was one of the best shows we’ve ever presented. I must confess that my jaw dropped to the floor a few times and I thought I had seen it all!”
Carrie Getty, Executive Director, Idaho Falls Arts Council / Colonial Theatre (ID)

“Karges leaves ’em dazed and confused.”
Laredo Times (TX)

“The phone has been ringing off the hook for the past 3 days with praise for your performance.
Your appearance has generated more positive comment than we’ve ever had in our 11 year history.
I’m thrilled and you certainly can include our Ocean Hills community in your ‘most ardent admirers’ club.”
Bill Frushtick, President, Ocean Hills Society for the Performing Arts (CA)

“Mind games dazzle crowd.”
The News Chief (FL)

“We were all thrilled and amazed by your performance. Not only were the things that you did spectacular, but your rapport with the audience was really wonderful. Thank you so much for appearing at the Calumet Theatre. I am looking forward to doing it again.”
Dick Hazzard, Executive Director, Calumet Theatre (MI)

“Mystifying ... uncanny ... Prince of the Paranormal ... move over Kreskin, here comes Karges!”
Santa Rosa Press Democrat (CA)

“As for the performance, I’m not sure even the thesaurus has adequate words to describe it!!! I may have to revert to more ‘folksy’ terminology like ... bamboozled, mystified, puzzlement. Our audience was totally involved in the entire show and almost a week later they are still trying to figure out ‘HOW did he do that???!!!!’ Thank you for a VERY entertaining show, we would highly recommend you for any venue!”
Sharon Davis, Cultural Events Assistant, Polk Fine Arts Center (FL)

“Wonderful ... a tremendous show that was enjoyed by young and old alike. The audience was mesmerized by your illusions and mind-boggling feats. Folks were still buzzing about your performance several days later. I would also like to express my appreciation for the significant amount of time you remained after the show to interact with members of the audience. I know we will be seeing you again in the not too distant future.”
Ronald Sherhofer, Managing Director, Olin Fine Arts Center (PA)

“Your performance was spectacular. Members of the audience are still trying to explain the unexplainable illusions and psychic happenings in your truly amazing and astounding performance. We will bring you back! I would recommend you to any presenter who is looking for an entertaining and unique artist.”
Ron Koenig, Managing Director, Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts (MI)

“Wonderful ... The town is still talking about your performance. Almost every day someone stops me and says, ‘How did he do that?’ Certainly you made an everlasting impression on the audience. You have a fantastic show. I can assure you that you will not be forgotten either by the town or by me.”
Kenneth H. Burchinal, Executive Director, Coffeyville Cultural Arts Council, Inc. (KS)

“I would like to take a moment to say how much our residents at Fiddler’s Creek enjoyed Craig Karges’ recent performance.  This was Mr. Karges’ second time performing for us and he did not disappoint.  His show was incredibly entertaining, amazing, and wondrous and he was able to get our members excited about the evening.  The members can’t stop talking about it!  His one-of-a-kind performance is very memorable.  Not only do we look for a great show for our members but we also want to work with someone who is professional from start to finish.  Mr. Karges is very reliable, professional and easy to work with.”
Aga Edwards, Activities Director for the Club & Spa at Fiddler’s Creek (FL)

“Karges uses illusion, intuition and psychology to entertain, amuse, befuddle, amaze and startle.  He wants to bend your mind.  Tables seem to float and minds seem to be read.  The audience may not know what is happening but it wants to be a part of it.”
Tim Stevens, Garner-Cleveland Record (NC)

“It’s been almost a week since Craig Karges performed at the Levy Performing Arts Center, yet he is still the talk of the town. Craig’s show was mesmerizing, astounding, mind-blowing -- there simply aren’t enough words to describe this unique and unforgettable performance. Audience members involved in the show -- and there were quite a few of them! -- will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. In the 25 years I’ve worked on the entertainment series, never have we had a performer who is as easy to work with as Craig. He was very courteous and cordial, and one of the least demanding performers the venue has ever booked. He was a pleasure to work with. Craig is a must-book for any entertainment venue, and his act should not be missed.”
Mike McKee, Executive Director, Media and Public Information, Alfonso Levy Performing Arts Center (FL)

“It has been a week since you were in Oneida, NY for the Oneida Area Arts show. I, along with members of our board are still getting compliments on the show. Everywhere I go, I am told by people who attended, that they really enjoyed the show. Some comments I heard were, that the show was special, awesome, freaky, cool, fun and many said - how does he do that? I am very pleased that you were able to join us, and that our community really participated. In many years with the Arts Council, I have seen many patrons just sit there and not get involved. I appreciate how you were able to get everyone involved in the fun. I encourage all groups, from young to very old, to enjoy your special talents, and ability to entertain all ages.”
Brian Carroll, President, Oneida Area Arts Council (NY)

“Thanks again for the wonderful performance. It was mind-boggling and amazing! People are still talking about it. Your presentation was definitely unique and classy - truly an extraordinary event in our season! Thank you for sharing your remarkable talents with us.”
Pat Ziegelmeier, Executive Director, Western Plains Arts Association (NE)

“Craig Karges’ show ‘Experience the Extraordinary’ not only met but also exceeded our expectations. Our audience was awestruck! Equally impressive was Karges’ professionalism behind-the-scenes. He was readily available for media interviews, immediately provided marketing materials, organized and in communication – really a presenter’s dream to work with. Without reservation, I would recommend Craig Karges for any size crowd or type of community. One will readily see that he is able to adapt to the audience. Karges, with his charm and clean humor, seamlessly integrated the volunteers and without a doubt left a memorable impression on all. Professional, magical, charming; Craig Karges will leave your audience astounded. Thank you, Craig, for delivering an exceptional performance!”
Debbie Frank, Program Director, Friends of Boca Grande Community Center (FL)

“Thanks so much Craig for your awesome show here on Saturday night… it was a joy to work with you! We so loved bringing you here and consider ourselves very lucky. Your show was a perfect addition to our season. You are just amazing. To say it was ‘amazing’ is an understatement. The show is so exciting and engaging. I hope we can bring you back for another season soon.”
Therese Vogel, Executive Director, Top Hat Theatre (MN)

“Within moments of walking on stage, Karges captivated the enthusiastic crowd of more than 1,100 people with his powerful stage presence, sense of humor and energy. His amazing ability to make the impossible seem possible kept them spellbound for more than 90 minutes and buzzing with curiosity long after the show ended. Dozens of audience volunteers stood in awe on stage as he guessed their names, birthdates and even their cell phone numbers and effortlessly described their thoughts and predicted their actions and choices. Gasps could be heard throughout the theatre as he predicted word-for-word what random audience members would say, do or think. Along with physical and mental illusions, Karges incorporated lots of other crowd-pleasing elements into his show - suspense, humor and even danger. A trick involving a razor-sharp knife had the audience wondering if the evening would end with a trip to the ER for the talented performer. Instead, it ended with a standing ovation.”
Misty Klug, Director of Marketing and Communication, Oglebay Institute (WV)

“Your performance was a tremendous hit with our audience.  The show itself was one ‘gasp’ after another.  A great evening that continues to be discussed by Reif audiences.”
David Marty, President, The Reif Performing Arts Center (MN)

“We hired Craig to perform in our community and enjoyed every minute of his presence.  He is a very generous, kind person and easy to work with.  In the months prior to our show date he was accommodating and a delight.  His ability to captivate each and every person in the room, no matter the age, is astonishing.  He is a fun, family-friendly performer that encourages you to expand your thinking and gets you interested in the power of your mind, whom I highly recommend without reservation.  With his mind games, witty sense of humor, encouraging words to make you want to achieve your full potential – Craig Karges is a wonderful ‘extraordinist’ and a passionate person.  Our audience loved him.”
Blake Potthoff, Executive Director, Fairmont Opera House, Inc. (MN)

“That was amazing!’ ‘The best event I have ever attended at Foothills!’ ‘Please bring Craig back next year!!’ These were just some of the things our guests said to me on their way out of our theater after our annual fundraiser. I would highly recommend that you bring Craig Karges and his exciting and entertaining talent to your next event!”
Bill Youngs, Managing Director, Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center (NY)

“Foothills hits a home run with Craig Karges! An amazing presentation of magic, mentalism, illusion and wonderment. I was thoroughly entertained and amazed by his wonderful acts of seemingly impossible feats!”
Leslie Ann Parmenter, WZOZ 103.1 FM, Oneonta (NY)

“Craig wowed an audience of close to 600 this past May and the Paramount was flooded with calls to bring him back!”
Paramount Center for the Arts (MN)

“I wanted to share with you the tremendous enthusiasm that our audience expressed following your performance at the Community Arts Center. We received numerous positive comments throughout the evening. Everyone was truly mesmerized by each segment of your performance. As staff and crew, we truly appreciated your level of professionalism and stage presence intermixed with a sincere appreciation for the audience! The level of interaction with our patrons throughout the performance and before and after is rarely experienced. It made us all feel as if we were indeed a part of the performance! We do indeed hope to have a chance to work together again in the future.”
Sharon Mack, Executive Director, Williamsport Community Arts Center (PA)

“I wanted a show that would appeal to all ages but also provide entertainment that the audience had never seen before. Experience the Extraordinary! really was the perfect show. Craig wowed them with his magical illusions and his warm, engaging and very funny personality! As a presenter, I love to see an audience leave the theater taking the excitement, thrill and buzz from the show home with them! From a presenter’s point of view, Craig and his management are a dream to work with, before, during and after the process. Craig was so personable with my staff and me. He really loves connecting with his audience too. That was evident the moment he stepped on stage. I highly recommend bringing Craig to your venue for an evening of great family fun. You will not be disappointed and neither will your audience!”
Patricia Colosimo, Director of Arts, Bromeley Family Theater (PA)

“Craig Karges entertained the large audience with acts that defied nature, gravity, and logic.”
Deb Kunkle, The Oelwein Daily Register (IA)

“We would highly recommend booking this show. Craig Karges was very responsive during the planning stage. When he arrived, he was a joy to work with. The performance was a big hit with our audience. Craig’s interaction with individuals in the audience was a delight. It was very satisfying to bring such an enjoyable night of entertainment to our small town in northeast Iowa. We are deeply grateful to Craig Karges for bringing his show to the Williams Center for the Arts.”
Linda Murphy, Co-Director for Williams Center for the Arts (IA)

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Craig Karges to your venue. Craig brings a level of top-notch entertainment that will leave your audience stunned and exhilarated. Our audience found him engaging and many patrons immediately requested that we book him to our venue again ASAP. Craig is unmatched not only in his stature as an entertainer but also as a professional. If you are looking for an evening of mind-blowing and thought-provoking entertainment, Craig Karges is the performer you want to book.”
Thomas Golden, Executive Director, Homestake Opera House (SD)

“He can bend spoons, levitate tables and read minds. See Craig Karges live for an interactive performance that you won’t stop thinking about for days. You can expect chills, amazement and challenges to the reality that you once knew, leaving you wondering: ‘How did he do that…?’”
Boomer Magazine Richmond (VA)

“I have known Craig Karges for more than two decades. To say that Craig is a true professional is an understatement. Craig is one of the most dynamic stage performers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. In addition to his incredible work ethic, he is a master of his craft, constantly improving upon his performance and customizing it for his audiences. He captures the imaginations of his audiences, stimulates their minds, and leaves them completely dazzled and amazed by his talents. I’d book him again and I would encourage any presenter to strongly consider his show for their audiences. He’s always an extreme pleasure to work with.”
Dr. James Bass, Executive Director, Givens Performing Arts Center (NC)

“Your presentation was flawless, enchanting, humorous, and downright brain-bending. People were leaving the venue gob-smacked; and those of us who are old and jaded and have seen it all were left scratching our heads. You have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world. On a personal level, I just want to thank you for your professionalism, your humility, your humor, and your graciousness. It was such a pleasure to work with you. As I’m sure you are aware, not every entertainer is as much of a mensch offstage as they appear to be when performing. You are, and that’s becoming a rarity these days. Keep on inspiring your audiences to use their minds for something good! Hope to have you back real soon!”
Darren Granaas, Executive Director, Matthews Opera House & Arts Center (SD)